Respite care service is provided to individuals in their own home or their family’s, and mainly provides supervision while the caregiver is away from home.  It may be provided on an emergency absence, or for brief periods of time, or when the caregiver is physically unable to care for the individual.



Companion services are non-medical supervision and socialization activities provided to adults on an individual basis.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a service prescribed by a physician and is necessary to produce specific functional outcomes in the communication skills of a recipient with a speech, hearing or language disability. The service may also include a speech therapy assessment, which does not require a physician’s prescription.

Behavior Assistant

Behavior Assistant services are one-on-one activities related to the delivery of behavior analysis services, as defined under Behavior Analysis Services and Assessment, and are designated in and required by a behavior analysis service plan. Activities include monitoring of behavior analysis services, the implementation of behavioral procedures for acquisition of replacement skills and reduction of problematic behaviors, data collection and display (e.g., graphics) as authorized by the Behavior Analysis Service plan.

Personal Support/Personal Care Assistance

Personal Support Services are provided to assist the individual with eating, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, companionship and activities of daily living.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment service provides training and assistance to individuals in a variety of activities.  Central Care will provide the individual with support to seek and maintain employment.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is a service prescribed by a physician, ARNP, or PA and consists of part-time or intermittent nursing care visits, provided on a daily basis by registered or licensed practical nurses. Skilled nursing services are provided at the recipient’s place of residence and other waiver service sites, such as an adult day training program.

Supported Living

Supported Living services are provided to an adult with development disabilities, and who has the skills to live in their own household within the community.  Supported Living Coaching services are geared toward training and assisting the individual in a variety of activities in their own homes or apartments.  Services will include assisting the individual in locating adequate housing, learning new skills, or improving their current skills.